My Mentorship with My Supervisor

Christina Morillo 2018, Woman Wearing Red Top Holding Silver Macbook, accessed 6 November 2022

Despite being a remote internship where I haven’t gotten to meet any other interns or my supervisors face to face, there is still one person that I would consider a mentor to me. The person I consider the most to be my mentor during this internship is my first supervisor. Although our time working together was short, I still believe that projects I made under their guidance is what first sparked my enjoyment of this internship and motivated me to continue doing well on every single project I made from then on.

When I first started my internship with the organization and after I finished filing all necessary paperwork with the organization, I was introduced to my first supervisor. For my first assignment, I messaged them with questions about the expectations for this first project. She messaged me back promptly with a voice message which made our working relationship feel a lot more personal to me. I really appreciated this from her and soon after, I would send every other new project to her. With every new project or question I had, she would send me a voice message greeting me and giving her feedback on each assignment. Her use of voice messaging rather than text or email was something I had never experienced before. It was something I wasn’t expecting but being able to hear her voice giving me feedback made our working relationship feel more close and personal. 

Along with being a good mentor by providing me feedback on my projects, my first supervisor was also really encouraging in her feedback, saying that she took a liking to my work. One example is when she sent me a voice message regarding my next assignment. Along with letting me know what my next project would be, in the same message, she let me know that the scholarship application I had designed as a part of my first project was the design that the organization would be moving forward with. To me, this was very encouraging to hear and really motivated me at that time. From hearing these words, I promised myself to do amazing work for the organization from then on. My first supervisor was a kind, nurturing mentor who helped me to realize the weight of my work and help me realize that I can create great works in graphic design and typography.

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