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In most of these projects, my supervisors have provided me with feedback that let me know my submissions were well-received which has led me to believe that the work I have been doing throughout this internship has been good. The feedback I receive weekly from my supervisors have been positive and only served to make the final pieces better upon a second pass. One example I can recall where I believed that my performance was positive was during my third project with the organization where I needed to design 3 iterations of a 2023 calendar.

At this point in my internship, I had an understanding of what the organization required of me when it came to creating pieces for them. Going into this project, I knew that I needed to incorporate the branding tools provided to me by the organization (ie: brand colors and organization logomark). I also knew that for this project, I wanted to make sure the designs in this project reflected the organization’s core values and missions; striving to create equal services and opportunities to underserved communities in the U.S. To do this, I grabbed royalty free photos from Pexels that I believed reflected the organization’s values. All of these photos evoked acts of kindness, community service, charity and equality, things that I believed reflect the identity and goals of the organization. Paired with these photos, I utilized the organization’s brand colors and logomark to create 3 iterations of the calendar.

For each submission, I not only wanted to make each design unique but also to improve each one over the last. Each one utilized a circle which contained the number of the year and the organization’s name and logomark at the bottom right of the calendar. When making the first iteration, I utilized the photographs I had collected along with the branding colors and logomark to create a design that I believe was quite successful for the first iteration. For the second, I forgoed using photos and instead relied on a calendar with clean design elements. Finally, for the third iteration, I decided to improve on the design I made for the second iteration by not only adjusting the placements of the text but also including photos that enhanced the original design.

Once I submitted my 3 iterations to my supervisor, I was met with praise from my supervisor that assured me that my work was good. Aside from my supervisor’s liking to my work, I believed myself that the designs I did for these calendars was great. It was the first time I had designed a calendar and I believed that for the first time, I did a good job in creating something that looked pleasing and reflected the organization’s missions and core values.

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