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William Maldonado


Keywords:Projector, Watch, Smartwatch, Portable, Videos, Photos


You’re out camping with the family and it’s too cloudy to see the stars.  Everyone wanted to see a movie that just came out on DVD and luckily you bought it and saved it on your Jector. What is Jector? Jector is a watch projector and just as the name states it is a watch that is also a projector. A person that loves to watch films but can’t always sit down in front of their computer and watch the movies they want because of other activities they have to do. Instead they can put down their Jector on a flat surface and aim it an empty space on the wall and watch their film of choice. This would be something that would be helpful to a film enthusiast like myself and can also be useful anywhere I am and have my friends and family watch it with me as well. What the watch will be able to project is not only videos but also photos. The user will be able to choose from multiple ways. One way is by streaming videos from your video providers such as hulu and Netflix and the other ways is that you will also be able to store videos you already have on our cloud service or a micro SD card. The watch will also have two small speakers one on the left side of the watch and one on the right. Now you and your family can watch that new movie you’ve been meaning to watch together.


The way Jector will become an everyday gadget is by simply displaying the time and date when it isn’t projecting your favorite movie or show. In the market thereare similar devices are being worked on as you read this such as Apple’s iwatch and LG’s smart watch. They are not the only company’s working on a smart watch, others like Samsung and Sony are also working on similar ideas. The only way these smart watches are similar to the Jector is that they both use a touch screen user interface and they show time. There still isn’t definite description’s of what these other smart watches will be able to do.

On my research for looking for devices with a built in projector within, there has been a phone from Samsung that has a built in projector called the Samsung Galaxy Beam, along with other phones such as the Micromax X40 a cell phone with a built in projector released in 2011 from Micromax in India and has dual Sim card capabilities. Another hone with a built in projector is the Spice M9000 Popkorn also released in India on 2011 with dual sim card capabilities as well is from Spice company. When the phone is purchased it comes with a small tripod to mount your cell phone on to. There are also pico projectors from Aiptek mobile cinema products that connects to apple products and display what the apple product is displaying on its screen these are more like an external small portable projector instead of it being built in the products like the two cellphones from India. What this research has helped me realize is that putting something as powerful as a projector, can be put inside of a smaller hand held device and that is where the Jector differs and is trying to become a wearable projector inside a watch, instead of a hand held device.


On an article posted on the website Howstuffworks.com it speaks about the new Sony smartwatch. Sony’s smartwatch allows for bluetooth connectivity with your android smartphone. The watch also connects with your watch through an app especially made for the watch to add smaller app’s specially made for the watch such as the text message notification app which allows your watch to receive any text messages sent to your phone. There’s other small apps just like this one built for the watch, one for phone calls, facebook, twitter and weather app that allows you to check the forecast on the smartwatch. It also allows you to navigate through your music on your phone.

Another smartwatch that was funded on Kickstarter.com called Pebble is similar to the jector watch in that to use dfferent fucntions of the watch. The Pebble similar to Sony’s smartwatch in that it gives the user notifications of when they receive a phone call or text messages, is a music player and connects  to your smartphone using bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone except that its compatible with both android smartphones and iphones. The Pebble watch is also water resistant, uses an e-paper display, has customizable watchfaces and keeps tracks your time, speed and distance of your early morning run and if you like to run at night it has a backlight.

The way both of these smart watches have something in common with my imagine project watch is they are both trying to revive the watch into this modern day of technology and not have it fade out into history. Both watches although in some ways similar are trying to push the boundaries of what a watch is and show what it can become. These boundaries the jector wants to also, it differs in comparison to these smart watches because instead of having the watch just be an easier way to stay connected to the people you love, it can become an entertainment hub which is exactly what the Jector is, an entertainment hub right on your wrist.

Full Project Description:

The Jector will be a solar powered by having thin film solar panels as the wrist straps for the watch so charging wont be a problem. This is helpful to the Jector because it will need a lot of power to keep the projector turned on while you watch your favorite two hour movie. The kind of projector that will be inside the watch will be a DLP projector because it is more efficient for the size of the watch. Jector will be built to be durable which is why it will have water proof air vents on the left and right side of the watch to prevent the projector inside from over heating while it is turned on. The left side will also have two buttons one to raise the volume and one to lower the volume and on the right two other buttons one to lock and unlock the touch screen capabilities, the other to turn the projector on and off. The watch will have a capactive touch screen that will also be water, dust and scratch resistant. There will be two built in small speakers on the front of the watch one on the left one on the right. The lens will be on front side and have a small ring around it that if you turned will allow you to adjust the focus of the projector. On the back of the watch there will be a micro SD card slot and will allow the user to play videos or view photos directly from the card. The bottom side of the watch will have four small retractable stands on each corner so that you can take off the watch and rest it upon a flat surface for a better movie experience. A small fan inside that only turns on when the projector is on will also make sure the projector does not overheat.

The body of the watch will be encased with carbon fiber material and the bottom of the body of the watch will be aluminum. The user interface of the watch gives u the option of five buttons that leads you to function that the watch will be able to do. There will be a watch mode button, videos and photos button, blue-tooth button, connectivity settings button and main settings button. Watch mode button will set your watch into a mode of only showing the time and date. Going into watch mode will automatically lock the screen to get out of watch mode you will have to press the lock/unlock screen button on the right side of the watch. Videos and Photos button will allow the user to stream videos or view videos or photos they have in their micro SD card. The bluetooth button will allow you to connect with bluetooth headphones and speakers or your phone. Connectivity settings button will help the user find and connect to wifi or check up on their 4g connectivity. The final button the main settings button will allow the user to adjust the brightness of the watch, select the video provider they would like to use at the moment, view storage availability, language options, adjust the time and date and watch style and color.

Project Deliverables:


I will show images that I drew on paper of the watch from all points of view.

  • Top view will display the two front speakers, the touch screen and the size of the watch.
  • The left side view will show the volume buttons and waterproof ventilation for the built in projector.
  • The right side view will show another waterproof ventilation a button to turn on and off the built in projector along with another button locking the screen since its a touch screen so when its in time display mode you don’t accidentally touch or when you using the projector.
  • Back view will display a micros SD card slot and part of the thin film solar panel wristband.
  • From the front view you can see the lens of the projector and a rigged ring around the knob to focus the projection for a better viewing experience.

Stop motion video:

The stop motion video will show all the different events and circumstances use the Jector for. I will be using cut out drawings I made on paper to help me convey this. Then I will do editing in final cut pro.


I will put all of this together in a power point including information I have not spoke about thorougly like wifi, 4g capabilities, prices and colors. I will also add images of devices similar to the jector.







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