Journal Entries

Journal Entries

Entry #1

Since my last presentation, my next step is to learn a bit more about the technology that I plan to use to achieve the hover effect with the Seekers. I researched the internet and found some great article that explained, first the history of electromagnetism and then how it actually works. I’ve heard and knew a little about it, just what was learned in physics; however I didn’t know how it could be applied to my project. I decided that I now I knew a bit more about it through my readings, I should now focus on learning how the forces can be controlled.



This week I focused on learning a bit more about how to control the fields involved in using electromagnetic forces to achieve the Seeker hover effect. Not only does the Seeker need to hover, it also needs to be able to move in all directions. I found a few articles about controlling the fields, as well as some home experiments. I plan to use one of the home experiments to assist with my tangible deliverable. I think that at this point I can move forward with working on the video game presentation for the deliverables, which is going to take the most time. I have enough research information on the technology to update my paper for the final.



I started to outline the set up of the video game presentation and how it will look.  I focused on the setup and playability. The game will have the ability to outline each feature that the seeker has, therefore I will be working with a lot of animation and sound.

I was able to complete a solid plan for the set up. I will begin with selecting the characters and building the environment.



Since my last entry I have started building the environment of the video game. This is pretty much the area that the player will be navigation. I have a pretty clever idea which should go over well in the presentation. After the environment is complete I will add the characters and best of all the Seekers!



I have completed the environment and have been designing how the game is played. I’m animating the characters, and adding the controllers. I should have this wrapped up by my next entry where I will start the process of constructing my tangible (other) deliverable.

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