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During his keynote speech at RSA Conference 2011, Microsoft’s corporate VP for trustworthy computing Scott Charney called for a more cooperative approach to securing computer endpoints. The proposal is a natural maturation of Microsoft’s (my full-time employer) End-to-End Trust initiative to make the Internet significantly safer as a whole. It closely follows the plans I’ve been recommending for years; I’ve even written a whitepaper on the subject.

The most important point of this argument is that we could, today, make the Internet a much safer place to compute. All the open-standard protocols required to significantly decrease malicious attackers and malware already exist. What’s missing is the leadership and involvement from the politicians, organizations, and tech experts necessary to turn the vision into a reality.


This paper presents security of Internet of things. In the Internet of Things vision, every physical object has a virtual component that can produce and consume services Such extreme interconnection will bring unprecedented convenience and economy, but it will also require novel approaches to ensure its safe and ethical use. The Internet and its users are already under continual attack, and a growing economy-replete with business models that undermine the Internet’s ethical use-is fully focused on exploiting the current version’s foundational weaknesses.

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