[Kim Yoonshik] Pre-proposal


“B.E. YOU” – Bible Experience game for you with virtual 3D technology.  

With the computer graphics and virtual-augmented reality technology, now we can make a virtual world and experience it through the computer system. Using Head up Display (HUD) device such as Oculus Rift Headset and motion sensors like Kinect or Leap motion, now we can make a virtual Bible world. For example, users can explore the Creation in Genesis with visual effects in virtual reality and even can play game-like missions being a character in the Bible story. User also can experience lots of virtual tours in the Bible. I know there are audio Bibles and 3D tour programs but I believe this one is new.

Technology I can use:

Blender Game engine

Oculus Rift Goggles

Leap motion sensor



It would be a great teaching material for people who want to learn and experience Bible especially for children.

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2 Responses to [Kim Yoonshik] Pre-proposal

  1. Ahmad Woods says:

    This sounds awesome but I think what you’re describing might be hard to do during the semester. Maybe narrow into one thing or a proof of concept

    I think you should look into AR technologies. Like the google glass

    Deliverables should be system diagram, flowchart, and a visual example like of video of how it should work

  2. bluestar says:

    “B.E. YOU”
    1. For the sake of experiencing the virtual world I would suggest some user interaction options as then there would be a bit of participation in the tour and the users can feel more invested in exploring the virtual world.
    2. I think you should look in to reality places that can be augmented otherwise I don’t think the augmented reality would be as useful as a full virtual tour.
    3. For the sake of possible applications you should look and see want parts of the bible best show off those virtual augmentations.
    1. A sample tour script.
    2. A list of bible parts that the users can look forward to experiencing.
    3. A sample from an actual audio bible or 3d tour to give us the general idea.

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