Lost and Found: Phase 4

Overall, I enjoyed doing this project. Taking all the photos as I walked around different neighborhoods opened my eyes to everything around me and how interesting and intricate they could be. I was happy with a lot of the photos I took, and even ended up using some for my other course I’m enrolled in.

Having the project guidelines and following the process/phases helped me complete the project seamlessly, as well as teach me how to approach my work, and I’m sure that will help me in any future projects I work on in and out of this course.

I feel like I could have improved on my usage of tracing paper; I haven’t really used it before, but in the end I did manage to transfer my sketches over to bristol paper for inking. Although they were flipped, the overall composition of my work was preserved and I was ultimately happy with the end result.

Here are the links to my posts for each phase of this project, displaying my progress and process for this project: Phase 1Phase 2 , Phase 3

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