COMD1100 Project #1 Amy Lai Pan

Two cracks found on the sidewalk outside the Supreme Court building. The shapes are geometric. This is an obvious figure-ground, as the concrete “supports” the cracks and split. Overall the composition in this shot remains the same throughout, which is lighted with no shadows being cast.

Multiple cracks and splitting found on a sidewalk. This is a geometric piece. Since the focus is upon the dark spot (dried gum?), this shot qualifies as an obvious figure-ground. The surrounding concrete supports this point of focus.

A wall with chipped paint, clearly done with multiple layers over the years. This piece is geometric, accompanied by an obvious figure-ground. There is an imbalance of ground (negative space) against the figure (positive space).

The remains of a plaque that was once displayed outside the Jay Street Metro-tech train station. It is a geometric shape with a unique interior (industrial glue/paste?). This shot is an ambiguous figure-ground, as there is a 50/50 balance of figure and ground. Its composition changes within the interior, as the shadows are slightly cast in between markings.

Similar to the plaque-remains-picture, this piece is placed outside the same train station. This shot is a geometric piece. Its composition changes within the interior of the design, but the outside remains the same. This piece is an ambiguous figure-ground.

This shot was taken from a column inside a train station. It is geometric with the point of focus being a circle, followed by the chipping paint. This is an obvious figure-ground, as the background supports the figure. The orb in the middle of the picture has multiple light sources pointed at it.

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