Please submit your course work by creating a post and adding the category identified in the project instructions. Provide feedback by adding a constructive comment on another student’s posts. Your work and your colleague’s work can be found in the Student Work section of this site.

Creating a Post

  1. In the Dashboard, click on the tab Posts > Add New to create a new post.
  2. Add a title in the title box at the top. 
  3. Add the suggested Category and Tags from the existing list. Example: Category = COMD1162 01LastName_Homework
  4. Each Discussion post should address two questions. Students are required to comments on both questions and reply to a fellow student’s post.
  5. All linked or embedded media MUST contain a caption indicating the original creator. See Add Media below.
  6. To add a link, see Add a Link below.
  7. Click “Save Draft” to publish later or click “Publish” to publish immediately.
  8. For more information, visit OpenLab Help> Writing a Post
  9. Once your post is finished add a constructive Comment to another student’s post. This is part of your grade.