Dream Job in the Building Industry

I think everyone heard about the phrase “it’s not a job if you love what you do” or something very similar when growing up. They tell you it’s all about knowing oneself and understand it to find true passion and your dream job, which will make the work less boring and when you start to enjoy it, a job will no longer be a mandatory thing. I don’t like this quote but none the less I try and look into myself to see what I like and what am I not good at.

In the field of architecture or the building industry, in general, I had realized I’m not a very creative person, in many cases, I had struggled to get the idea across and figure out what I was doing in design classes, which make the experience, not as fun or enjoyable as people imagine, however, I don’t dislike the drawing part of a project. I’ll be clear, I don’t like designing the façade but I do like planning out the interior and leading to the drawing, the plan, section, elevation, I think it’s a fascinating way to see a building and how its constructed as well as learning how it affects people’s mood when entering a certain space. I also really like the animation and building technology that goes into the project. I enjoy a lot of classes like animation, fabrication, and building technology, for me the dream job would be something that can let do rendering, planning, drafting drawings, and fabrication of the material. I don’t have a direct passion but so far, I’m working toward this goal in my mind at the same time trying everything new and experiencing it to the fullest.

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