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Boston Photographs Reflection

The Boston Photographs really peaked my interest because it has a lot to do with morality and ethic views. In Senior year of High School I took a Moral Philosophy class and I believe it helped me further understand what is going on within this Article, because I took this class it led me to believe that this is a Open-ended argument debating if publishing pictures of a women falling to her death is considered a ‘good thing’. Graphic pictures are usually not shown in the newspaper because it can be considered too violent or unpleasant. I sense a type of guilt found in this piece because the Photographer did not expect this to happen and the events resulting from it.This catastrophe resulted in the concerns of ” Life in the ghetto ” stated in page sixty. ” They dramatized the need to check on the safety of fire escapes”.

I believe that the pictures does show a rather unpleasant view but in one way it does make people more alert about fires and safety hazards. It is a mixture of feelings and opinions. One reason to oppose is the privacy of someone who passed away, Family members or friends who rightfully angry would obviously take action and cause more chaos. 1000 words could describe a picture , especially a picture like this. In times today it is also the same issue about our privacy as media and social networks increase.


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