Graphic Design Principles


The Images above are few of my works I have Accomplished in Graphic Design Principles.The goal for this course was to develop  the skill to make a proper design to communicate with our audience. I entered this course with very little knowledge on how to be a designer. I never knew how hard but rewarding it can be.Project 1 showed me how I can show the foreground to background by using only black and white with hand drawn objects. The hardest work I came across in this course was painting. I had to quickly establish the relationships and color. I had to correctly do this in order to properly get the audience attention through Color hierarchy.

With the skill I learned through painting I came across color interactions with color hue as showed in the third picture. The compliments of colors really helped when it came to deciding which color I wanted to choose. I learned that each project was preparing me for the next one. I learn that communication through Art is a powerful I learned and as I continue to grow as an artist and designer I will use these tools I obtained, especially project 2 where I designed a piece based off of sound.

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