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Project #2 Final

New York City! one of the most famous cities of the world. It has tons of American and world History and we live in it. They’re many stories yours and mine , big and small but all these stories are our very own personal New York. Peoples own New York are very different from others and it is to be expected due to our continuously growing city. The overlapping New Yorks leads to a big discussion about how things came to be and who’s New York is best. What is Overlapping exactly? Overlapping is when two things come in between each other and cause an effect.

I am not all that used to Brooklyn I only come to Brooklyn whenever I am visiting a family member but not around here and now I am coming here often for school. Since I am new around these areas, seeing different New Yorks overlap over at CityTech can be quite interesting especially The Brooklyn Bridge Near by. I am interested because its a new scenery  and I like exploring new places and learning about the environment that surrounds me.Because I found this very convenient, I decided to research the different aspects of the different New York that overlap around City tech And Brooklyn Bridge.

As I walk down from City Tech I notice something very important to mention and that is the construction. Already this shows that nobody how much time passes in New York, there will be lots of construction. There will be always the team of constructers remaking and remodeling, making something new and better, New York is the city that never sleeps so there is always something going on, and this leads to a lot of busy neighborhoods like the one we are on. Due to construction its safe to assume that people that pass by can smell the tar in the air and all the loud cracking noises hitting the ground. People are talking and rushing on their cellphones with suits having a designation they are heading towards. The Park I went inside was a little more spacious and quiet than the rest of places I came across. This shows a very big overlap because for example a child comes to this park everyday playing frisbee with his father,  these memories will be with the child and he will remember this park as his New York no matter how much change will come to it, but lets say this park was to change the child would never be able to have the chance to say goodbye to it because you can never really part ways with a park, especially if you’re a child. Therefore these memories would mean to the person even more since it has changed and a sudden feeling of nostalgia arises.This park overlaps different memories to those of others, because the park exists differently for a variety of  people at a different time. A very strong statement Colson Whitehead included in his reading of City Limits says ” I’m here because I was born here and thus ruined for anywhere else” this quote really impacts and highlight the whole point he is trying to make. ” thus ruined for anywhere else” shows how much people are going to stand by their point of view and the way they see New York City. Whitehead deliberately contradicts himself in saying that his New York is right and others are wrong while at the same time he explains everybody has their own, because he contradicts himself it proves a big point in how New York is different in different peoples eyes.

While I proceeded my way down passed the park on Borough Hall I started to see that there was less and less stores and more about restaurants and small stores instead of seeing  Macy’s and clothing stores. Now as I continue to head towards the bridge I hear a very quiet atmosphere compared to the loud neighborhood near by. I can infer that the Juxtaposition between these two different New York are extremely different life styles of the people themselves. The loud and busy side are filled with people aiming for money and progression and the quiet side is more probably about settling down with a small family. As I finally reached my destination I see a big open portion of water with boats traveling and lemonade stands, I also see a mini park that has swings for toddlers and parts of grass to sit on, next to the benches. I can smell the water and feel the wind blowing. What I see across the bridge is the buildings that inhabit manhattan and Tons of yet again construction. All I can think about is that New York is really a place for people to start. There are tourists going on the boat and viewing the statue of liberty for the first time while i’ve already seen it a dozen times. It shows me the perspective that another has instead of my own. A lot of perspective topics like these also brings in a spice of value. Value is what the perspective is worth like the statue of liberty for example.Value is what makes the whole point of the Old and New memories of New York City come together and make a heated debate wither which is better and value is finally the place it holds in our memories that we cherish in our own New York.

Even though People would have their own stand point in this topic, thats exactly what it is all about. It is about the mix culture and diversity we see now, and it can also represents America’s foundation in freedom and opportunity. That is the way that it is and New York will move on with or without us as Whitehead explains. We can never really say goodbye to our old buildings or stores we grew up around, but as long as we have those memories It will be forever carved into New York History.

City Limits: Summary

First off I would like to say that this Reading is very interesting, because We are experiencing on what the author Colson Whitehead is trying to convey, he tries to explain to us that we are in a very productive city and nothing is going to change it. Everything is changing around us and especially around this time where technology is growing in an incredible rate. Something as small as a grocery store can make an impact on us through our memories just by being in it.Then years later we come back and its changed into a bank. Colson gives a lot of contradiction in his ” New York”. He does this deliberately to show us that we have our own New York and the way we look at things through our memories is New York but at the same time its not, in someone else’s eyes. A good quote to help explain my summary would be ” I’m here because I was born here and thus ruined for anywhere else, but I don’t know about you”. This is very firm and straight to the point.Peoples own New York never dies as long as we never forget it.

Field Trip (Book arts and Rubin Museum)

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (3)

In English 1101 our First field trip we traveled to a museum and a exhibit by taking the R train. At first I thought the atmosphere was weird and kinda cluttered, But as I walked around and observed my surroundings I realized that this is a prime example of Not to judge a book by its cover. When I looked over many peoples work I felt the emotions that they felt while creating their zines and the message that they was sending. The artists really wanted to connect with others, and are everyday people like us. I honestly felt the tour was really short and brief I actually wanted more. While in the Rubin Museum I felt more comfortable and gained a lot more historical knowledge while In a better artists perspective. I would say the Rubin Museum really likes to show the roots of their origin or their foundation because I felt a very strong history lesson coming along while I see repeated pictures but with swapped or different colors, showing us a different meaning. The image i chosen was a lady with vines all around her.This image caught my eye immediately and I stared for a while because It reminded me about nature in a sense and it was overall very appealing to my interests in life. Overall I enjoyed it and hope to have more.

Reflection on English Project #1

Our first project in English class was to introduce via openlab. I found this very easy because the main goal was to describe ourselves. We also had to comment on others work to critique them and help them improve it through guidelines. I learned that I can be very detailed when it comes to describing anything.

What I acquired during this class is that this project is a big introduction to the other projects, or this is how I feel this project is meant to be. Also to help us get more acquainted with one another. I am proud on how comfortable I felt when it came to describing who I am and how precise and efficient my advice can be when helping others when it came to setting up their bio and and project overall. One of the things i should work on is how to organize my information better because the reader can be lost if i don’t. I have additional support throughout class time because I learn better through verbal communication. Also at times I would have poor management time due to my other homework and I tend to forget to go on my computer from time to time. For my later project I shall be using my phone more often to operate Openlab. Since now I have my first experience in my first project of English I am now really confident in the future works.

Project 1 : Introducing yourself

My bio

Includes a lot about me and my dreams. My dreams are very important and I believe its what makes me ,myself. so it first starts about my passions and what I love to do. What I love to do is to adventure. I believe adventure builds my character and helps me figure out who I am, and it is also fun. I also explain how easy going I can be. Even though I love to train myself mentally by meditating and yoga I also pay attention to my physical needs like jogging. The rest of my bio will include my Business ideas and where I see myself in 5 years.

My aesthetic design follows between a cartoon and realistic point of view. I love both realistic and cartoon/ anime style art.I would feel it would be best to practice both. I am also learning that I am also interested in making symbolic art. I like symbolism because I can fit a lot of perspectives into one design or drawing so this means I can make a very strong and meaningful creation. I see myself in 5 years helping my family financially wise and investing in businesses all while helping the community in many different ways. I also see myself very busy with projects in making a novel and/or comic books. I always think of stories and I would love to show people my ‘ inner universe ‘ by giving them  a very impacting story and inspiring others to chase their dreams

My Avatar

includes a rather comical picture of myself eating a piece of chicken chicken with a smile. At first people laugh when they see my avatar and it is what I want. I want to convey that I am very goofy person that loves to make someone laugh. I believe that life is too meaningful to be wasted on negative energy and frowns. my eyes are centered toward the camera to show my confidence in whatever I do.

Misinterpretations Of My Avatar

I can understand on how someone can misinterpret my avatar. In the picture I am wearing a black shirt and  a black hat that can make someone feel that I usually only wear black. One of my interpreters assumed that I was a hipster. I also do not want to convey that even if i coincidentally  dress similar to one.

  My Profile

will convey mainly my goals and work while participating in other peoples profiles and help them if needed. I will also convey an active time on my portfolio in order to pay attention to any given work and to fix my other Projects and assignments that I believe are important. it will also convey a professional but still loose atmosphere.All of this matters because I want to record all of my college progress. I want to do this for future interviews for jobs according to my college major. This will show I have skill and more importantly experience.

Class 9/10 Wednesday Reflection Project #1 critique

My reflection on our most recent class really makes me look forward to future projects. I noticed around the classroom a good sense of progress . The group I was in was very clear and communicative. I believe this is a great element to have in order to have a great designing team.The groups was going in the required steps in order to do this project correctly. I learned that being a good listener is a key to success as well as taking someones words, breaking it down and giving new tips to according to their ideas.