Describing My Location

photo 2 (4) The Location of my Walk is 15 minutes away from City Tech. I began my walk by proceeding left through the crowds. For about 5 minutes through the journey I began to have more space on the sidewalk and I noticed that things seem to be quite less busy. I knew that I was going somewhere different. Soon I came across a park inhabited by lots of chirping birds and a lot of visual greenery. It was more tuned to nature the area i was in, but there was more to the area as I continue to walk down and see that its not all about business and more about stores. There was lots of cafes and food places. I seen a lot of construction like in the photograph above. I thought that this was a perfect example of my goal that i was trying to achieve by observing the everlasting change of New York city. I smelled a lot of Hot dog stands and heard a lot of cars honking and people arguing. I would really like to see this place in the night due to this area being a mixture of busy and relaxed, I wanna see how this certain area in particular fits into the saying of New York being the city that never sleeps.

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