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Describing My Location

photo 2 (4) The Location of my Walk is 15 minutes away from City Tech. I began my walk by proceeding left through the crowds. For about 5 minutes through the journey I began to have more space on the sidewalk and I noticed that things seem to be quite less busy. I knew that I was going somewhere different. Soon I came across a park inhabited by lots of chirping birds and a lot of visual greenery. It was more tuned to nature the area i was in, but there was more to the area as I continue to walk down and see that its not all about business and more about stores. There was lots of cafes and food places. I seen a lot of construction like in the photograph above. I thought that this was a perfect example of my goal that i was trying to achieve by observing the everlasting change of New York city. I smelled a lot of Hot dog stands and heard a lot of cars honking and people arguing. I would really like to see this place in the night due to this area being a mixture of busy and relaxed, I wanna see how this certain area in particular fits into the saying of New York being the city that never sleeps.

Project 2 Research: Location

My location around CityTech goes from an immediate left turn when you come out of the main doors all the way down to the construction sites. I chose this location because it shows the less busy areas and the new upcoming ‘New York’. I feel that this could provide a perfect example of old and new. Not everything was fancy or official. There was definitely more fast food restaurants and other food places. when you keep walking down at least 2-3 blocks you should be able to see a large trench like structure in the ground due to constructionphoto 4 (1) photo 1 (4) photo 3 (2) photo 2 (4)

Class 9/10 Wednesday Reflection Project #1 critique

My reflection on our most recent class really makes me look forward to future projects. I noticed around the classroom a good sense of progress . The group I was in was very clear and communicative. I believe this is a great element to have in order to have a great designing team.The groups was going in the required steps in order to do this project correctly. I learned that being a good listener is a key to success as well as taking someones words, breaking it down and giving new tips to according to their ideas.

View From My Window : Research

As I gather my thoughts on how to describe and draw the view of my window and apartment I first write down and study how the atmosphere first feels like. I live in a busy neighborhood with cars passing by and sirens. Although this occurs my view can be quite peaceful at times and has a good view of some trees. The trees has long medium-thick branches with several but now dying leaves ( due to changing seasons) now since the weather has been cooling down I see a lot of the winds movement by the shaky trees.

On the streets I see several parked cars all with slimmed outlines and small back seats. The buildings also like the cars are very bulky so when the sunrise comes off it reflects its shape very well. The view from my window enhances in the morning, making it the perfect spot to wake up to. So the whole street is reflected the the rising suns glaze along with the big open sky i can view.