Field Trip (Book arts and Rubin Museum)

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In English 1101 our First field trip we traveled to a museum and a exhibit by taking the R train. At first I thought the atmosphere was weird and kinda cluttered, But as I walked around and observed my surroundings I realized that this is a prime example of Not to judge a book by its cover. When I looked over many peoples work I felt the emotions that they felt while creating their zines and the message that they was sending. The artists really wanted to connect with others, and are everyday people like us. I honestly felt the tour was really short and brief I actually wanted more. While in the Rubin Museum I felt more comfortable and gained a lot more historical knowledge while In a better artists perspective. I would say the Rubin Museum really likes to show the roots of their origin or their foundation because I felt a very strong history lesson coming along while I see repeated pictures but with swapped or different colors, showing us a different meaning. The image i chosen was a lady with vines all around her.This image caught my eye immediately and I stared for a while because It reminded me about nature in a sense and it was overall very appealing to my interests in life. Overall I enjoyed it and hope to have more.

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