Lucie Mingla | Section OL92 | Semester: Fall 2020

Assignment 1

I’m yihua lu. I am majoring in computer systems tech. I would like to be a software dev in the near future.

Math is important for me not because I enjoy it (i dont) but because be it is a skill that is needed if i want to be a successful coder.

Logarithms. The second one- i don’t know whats it’s called exactly but it involves sec, cot, and csc of a circle… finding the reference angle


  1. Joshua Clarke

    Hi my name is Joshua Clarke. Most people just call me Josh. My major is CST and I’m graduating next year August. One of my big interests is music. I play a few instruments and also do music production.

    Math was never my strong suit but I was always able to get it enough to pass classes. Usually it’s a struggle for me when learning new concepts in class.

    In this course I want to be able to understand and achieve. The better I understand the easier it will be on me. As of right now I’m not sure what I need help with

    • Lucie Mingla

      Just keep up with all assignments, study, and practice.
      Let me know when you have any questions.

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