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Welcome, Students!

Faculty: Getting started on the OpenLab with Math Model Courses
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Please go to the “creating 7 groups of 5 students” to sign up for one of your chosen group.

Please check for the updated URL for the “google document” to sign up for your group before class today.

Let me know if it is working now.

Setting up the groups Mat 1375 OL85

Group 1

Luis Chajon Corado
Nigel Nicholson
Jeremy Soto
Ricardo Gonzalez
Joel Campos

Group 2

1Zaida Wilson
2Sajid Hossain
3Chidi Agborenow
4Tamia Pitts
5Anthony Romero

Group 3

1Aleudys Jose Diaz
2Andre Pennicott
3Julio Wang Liao
4Wilber Hernandez
5Tyrone Moncada

Group 4

Ifathsarul Hoque
Alex Yauri
Samantha Ramos
Anthony Allman 
Jason Gwood

Group 5

Iftekar Hossain 
Paul Cruz
Shane Hall
Kristen Clarke
Ricardo Nesmith

Group 6

Ajani Felder
Itmamul Moaz
Aya Rabea
Nickel Lashley

Group 7

Justin Bowdoin
Jai’Lyn Courtney
Joshua Clarke
Imani Morant
Mohina Asadova

Desmos activity Related to Transformations of the graph