final project report

The title of our presentation is combined miler per gallon vs. Air Pollution. As a group, we explored raw data from a government agency called Environmental protection Agency. As a governing body, Environmental Protection Agency regulated scores of cars and trucks based on emissions levels and fuel economy values. Furthermore, explain the score range that the EPA utilizes. We will compare every single car manufacture and compare their green house gas and air pollution score.

First objective, we wanted to show the actual fuel economy and environmental sticker that is attached to every car produced or sold in the United States to raise awareness to our audience. The EPA sticker includes smog, fuel economy, and green house gas, annual fuel cost and miles per gallon. I wanted to introduce mathematical calculations that could enlighten and encourage our audience to calculate their own vehicles Co2 emissions and miles per gallon on their car. Provide facts and the different chemical that are being emitted from cars and their harmful effects on global warming.

From our raw data we will analyze four years of car manufacturing vs. air pollution rating and analyze if there has been any improvement by car manufactures. I believe our correlation will be between positive and in the range of 50% to 70%.

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