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Exam II (in class) will take place on M 4/15 for MW section and T 4/16 for TTh section. Exam will begin promptly on the first hour and finish 40 minutes past the second hour. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so that seating can be resolved and exam material distributed prior to the exam’s commencement. A revised examII_practice has been created. The actual exam will be similar. The methods needed will be quite close if not virtually identical but the applications/problems will be different. I have set up a forum for each question. For your openlab participation points, I suggest that you submit or at least comment on one problem or part. Since there are over 40 of you still taking the course, please do not be greedy. Give all students a chance to submit part of a solution (let’s say by 4/10). After 4/10, you are welcome to submit as many entries as you want.

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  1. Parvena says:

    Hi. Professor Halleck. I had emailed you the day before the exam regarding further information about the formula sheet. But you never got back to me. On the sample exam it says it’s part of the exam and worth 20 points. You were absent on the day of the exam and the substitute said we had to do it at home and put it in the exam booklet. This you never mentioned or stated clear enough about you want meant by the formula sheet on the exam practice. However, I had handwritten the formula’s that were needed and used for each exam problem, due to this. I hope that’s fine. Thank you.

  2. Parvena says:

    However, I had handwritten the formula’s that were needed and used for each exam problem, in the blue book itself, due to this.****- correction

  3. Emmanuella says:

    Hi Professor. This Dekuwin Emmanuella Kogda.
    I give you the formula sheet but I received it back. I told you about it yesterday and you told me to email you about it to remind you about the credit that I should have. Thank you.

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