Statistics & Probability | Instructor: Suman Ganguli

Quiz #3: take-home quiz due Sunday (April 25)

Quiz #3 is another take-home assignment, due this Sunday (April 25). You can download the pdf with the quiz exercises from OpenLab Files. For this quiz, you only need to submit written solutions (i.e., no spreadsheet this time).

Submit a single pdf with your written responses to the Quiz #3 Assignment on Blackboard.

Before (or while) working on the quiz, you may find it useful to review the class recordings and/or whiteboards, in particular for the class sessions where we discussed the probability experiment of flipping a coin 3 times.

Also, please also work on the HW sets, in particular Topics 3.4 and 4.1. We discussed 3.4 in class yesterday, and we will discuss 4.1 (and also 4.2) on Monday.

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  1. Suman Ganguli

    Also, a reminder that I have office hours right now, 11a-12p as usual (via Blackboard Collaborate)..please log on if you want to review any of the concepts or examples related to the quiz!

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