Statistics & Probability | Instructor: Suman Ganguli

Exam #2 – Individual Conferences

As you saw on the last exercise on the exam, 20% (10/50) of your exam score will be based on individual conferences, where we will have a chance to discuss your work on the exam. Here is the procedure/plan:

  • Sign up for a 10-minute time slot on Thursday or Friday (9a-12p or 1-2p) in this spreadsheet: 
    • If you can’t make any of the available times on Thursday or Friday, I’ve also listed some time slots on Saturday morning (9a-12p).
    • If none of the available time slots work with your schedule, please send me an email with your availability, and we will figure out an alternate time.
  • Conferences will take place over Blackboard Collaborate. I will schedule Blackboard Collaborate sessions for these times on Thursday and Friday.
    • Please have your mic and if possible your camera turned on.
  • Each time slot is for 10 minutes, which should give us enough time to go through your exam together. I will ask you about 1 or 2 exercises from your written work; please be prepared to explain your solution. I may also ask you to work through one or two similar exercises.
  • I will have your written work in front of me, and you should too.  The point is NOT for you to read your work–be prepared to explain what you wrote and why you wrote it.
  • This individual conference is meant as a way for us to finally talk on a one-on-one basis, and have a discussion about your exam (and your progress in the course). Hopefully it will be a good experience for all of us!


  1. Suman Ganguli

    A reminder for those of you who haven’t already signed up for a time slot to do so via the spreadsheet! Use the link in the blog post above.

  2. Suman Ganguli

    Just a reminder to those of you scheduled for Exam #2 conferences today to log on via Blackboard at the time you signed up for. Here is the schedule as of now:

    10:30 AM SM Hossain
    10:40 AM Lukesh Matadin
    10:50 AM yani acham A Yaou
    11:00 AM Matthew Rivera
    11:10 AM
    11:20 AM Shannon Russell
    11:30 AM Justin Sclafani
    11:40 AM
    11:50 AM
    12:00 PM

    1:00 PM Joan Chen
    1:10 PM
    1:20 PM
    1:30 PM
    1:40 PM Jasur Khalilov
    1:50 PM
    2:00 PM Jimmy Guan
    2:10 PM Jinquan Li
    2:20 PM Raneem Moussa

  3. Suman Ganguli

    Thanks to all of you that logged on for your Exam #2 conferences yesterday! I thought they went well, and it was nice to chat with many of you.

    Below is the current schedule for today–please log on to the “Friday Exam #2 Conferences” Blackboard Collaborate session at your scheduled time:

    10:20 AM Pedro Cabrera
    10:30 AM
    10:40 AM
    10:50 AM
    11:00 AM Nicole Lun
    11:10 AM
    11:20 AM Cindy Mei
    11:30 AM Alexander Wan
    11:40 AM Joan Pujols
    11:50 AM Robin khan
    12:00 PM Danyal Ellahi

    1:00 PM Christine Singh
    1:10 PM Matthew Rivera
    1:20 PM Ouedraogo Rasmane
    1:30 PM
    1:40 PM Hong Liu
    1:50 PM Maiya George
    2:00 PM Sabah Minhaj
    2:10 PM
    2:20 PM

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