The last midterm exam is again a take-home exam, due Sunday (May 23). You can download the pdf with the exam exercises from OpenLab Files.

As I discussed in class, since I will drop the lowest of your 3 midterm exam scores, you can consider this exam optional if you are satisfied with your first two exam scores.

We will have our last class session Monday, during which I will discuss and distribute the Final Exam (which will be due Wednesday).

Exam #3 Instructions: The instructions are similar as for the previous exams:

  1. Set up a spreadsheet: You will be asked to do spreadsheet calculations for some of the exam exercises. Please include your name in the title your spreadsheet (e.g., “[Your Name] – MAT1372 – Exam #3”).
  2. Write out your solutions: If you have access to a printer, you can print out the Exam #3 pdf and write your solutions in the spaces provided; or write out your written responses on blank pieces of paper.
  3. Scan your written solutions to a single pdf file (i.e., not a jpeg!). Please arrange your exercise solutions in order, and scan to a single pdf.
  4. Submit your pdf and spreadsheet to the Exam #3 Assignment on Blackboard. You can submit your spreadsheet as an additional attached file, or by including the sharing link if you use Google Sheets (the latter is preferred).

You may find it useful to review the recording of Wednesday’s class session (Class #29), since I briefly went through the exam exercises at the end of class.