10% of your course grade will be based on participation/attendance. See below for a running list of ways that you can earn participation points towards this 10%. Completing any 10 of the following over the course of the semester will get you the full 10%:

  • 3 or fewer absences over the course of the semester
  • joining the course group (by Tues Feb 9)
  • posting a comment introducing yourself under First OpenLab Assignment: Introductions & Mathography (by Tues Feb 9)
  • submitting the Technology Survey (by Tues Feb 9)
  • logging on for office hours (up 3 times/points)
  • posting a homework question/hint on the OpenLab or Blackboard discussion forums (up to 3 times/points)
  • posting a comment documenting one of the spreadsheet functions to the List of Spreadsheet Functions post