We will use spreadsheets throughout the course.  We will use them during our class sessions, and you will need to use them for your homework and exams.  There are two options for spreadsheet programs you can use:

  1. Microsoft Excel: This is a powerful and widely used spreadsheet program. However, you will have access to Microsoft Office.
  2. Google Sheets (recommended): This is a free online spreadsheet program which you can access from any web browser if you have a Google account (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/). All your files will be saved to your “Google Drive” (https://drive.google.com).

For the material we will cover in the course, Google has the same functions as Excel. I will use Google Sheets in class, and will post links to some of my Google spreadsheets below.  For these reasons, I recommend you use Google.

Here is a running list of spreadsheets we have created in class: