Our 2nd midterm exam will be on this Wednesday (April 17). Please see this OpenLab post with a list of topics and review exercises: Exam #2 Review Topics.

Review for the exam by reviewing the listed WebWork exercises (complete the exercises on the open WebWork sets below). You can also review the related examples we have done in class and on the quizzes–including the examples we did in class today.


  • Quadratic Equations-Zero Product – due Mon April 15 (Sec 2.2.1)
  • Quadratic Equations-Quadratic Formula – due Tues April 16
  • Quadratic Equations-Completing the Square – due Wed April 17 (Sec 2.2.3)
  • Graphs-Graphs of Quadratic Equations – due date TBA (after spring break — but please do at least #7-9, which are good review for the exam)


We did a few examples of graphs of quadratics–“parabolas.” The key points on such graphs that we want to identify are the y-intercept, the x-intercept(s), and the vertex. We reviewed how we find these points on the graph:

An example from the WebWork of finding the vertex of a given quadratic by completing the square to put it in vertex form. We also found the x- and y-interecepts, and sketched a graph:

Another example from the WebWork, but here we find the vertex using the vertex formula:

We closed with an exercise from the Final Exam Review shooet (#2(b)). We again use the vertex formula to find the vertex; in this example, we use the zero product property to solve the quadratic equation and thus find the x-intercepts, since the quadratic factors:

Besides the material on quadratic equations, please also review complex fractions and multiplication/division of complex numbers for the exam: