Remy’s 10/17 homework | step count: 8764


Time can be whittled down by optimizing the content being loaded, or speeding up the system. We can also provide a form of navigation which requires little thought to use. Back, home, forward buttons, popular/high demand options are easier to reach.
My liking of machine made choice depends on the circumstances. I like it when the choices being made for me are defaults or have default values. Layout is usually something I’m fine with being chosen for me, or network settings. However, I’m not fond of social choices being made for me, loke who appears in my timeline.
At work I’ve learned when to start getting bags and side dishes ready to pack, and when getting ready in the morning I turn my tower on before I start to get ready for the day, so by time I’m ready to get dressed I can quickly pull up the weather.

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