Yoonshik, Bluestar, Rich Interaction Design Group Project

Project Title: Black Mason


Description: A bag that attaches to a bike which has the ability to store green energy gathered by the natural peddling motion from the cyclist.


Social Aspect: Cyclist find that certain devices such as head phones and I Pods makes their journey easier and more entertaining than just getting somewhere or exercising. What happens when you go great distances and your device battery is not up for the challenge. In most cases the cyclist is left without one of their sources of motivation. This invention will prevent that.



Interaction Model: The bag that attaches to the bike is equipped with a compositor that stores energy and an alternator that converts the energy into AC/DC power. The bag will have outlets that will allow the user to charge and power devices. This invention has two additional attachments such as a onboard computer, about the size of a wrist watch that allows to cyclist to see how much power is stored. The second device is the cyclist helmet which is equipped with solar panels that allow energy to be collected via the sun. The helmet stores a small detachable compositor that can be injected into the alternator inside of the bag for additional energy.


Schedule: The bag which houses the compositor and alternator has a wire attached to the wheel; which allows the energy to be collected while the wheel is in motion. The energy is transferred to the compositor that stores the energy. The compositor then sends the energy to the alternator for conversion which allows usage through the outlets.  The removable compositor attached to the helmet is removed once fully charged and can be inserted into a slot on the alternator. We will accomplish this by first affixing the compositor and alternator to the bag. We will then connect the cable from to the wheel using along with a rotating device. We will then attach the other end of the cable to the compositor. From there we will connect the compositor and the outlets to the alternator.


Test Cases: We will recruit several long distance cyclists to try the product. We will be looking for feedback on how long it takes for the compositor to charge, how much peddling it will take to keep the compositor charged, the distance the cyclist can travel without hiccups, how long will the compositor stay charged while the bike is not in motion and the amount of wattage that the device can provide.


Materials / Budget:




Small computer that can read wattage

A small compositor

A small alternator



Turning mechanism and

Small solar panels.


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