HW #3 Emotions

After reading “Emotion”, an excerpt from John Maeda’s book “The laws of simplicity”, I realized that most of our items that are used on a daily basis have been designed to be simple looking. For example the iPod, a monotone object but with a sleek design. John went on to say how these simple designed items show no emotion and this leads to people to accessorize the item in a way that makes the item have some form of emotion. To me, I feel like companies create items with a simple design so mass┬ámanufacturing┬áthe item would be easier and consumer can spend more money on the item by buying accessories.

In my opinion, a lot of art is designed with emotion and is meant for viewers to engage the art. For example, the artist can create a piece and viewers would walk up to the piece and ask themselves questions like “who are these people?” or “these look like the mountains I can see from my house.”

There really isn’t any object or design that I am attached to. In terms of design, I lean towards simple designs, nothing blingy. If I had to pick one object I am attached to, I guess I would say my iPod classic. I believe it is the last iPod with the wheel released by Apple. To me, it reminds me of times where people were asking each other what music they had on their iPod and not comparing their stats in Angry Birds or Temple Run.

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