Eva Machauf | COMD 3501 OL26 | Fall 2020

Artist Series: Paula Scher

According to “Artist Series: Paula Scher”, what should be reflected in a logo is that it should be syncopated. I, too, did not know what this word meant until she explained it. What I enjoyed about the video is when they started talking about adding movement to text. I personally enjoy seeing posters that have text going in all different directions. It adds more of a personality to the posters in my opinion. There are times where it is needed to add movement into text to attract the viewers’ attention, especially if the information on it is something such as a theater Ad where there is entertainment. I found it interesting that the Citibank logo was made in such a short amount of time, considering how well it works. I would’ve imagined a lot of thought and process and especially time, went into it.

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  1. Nicole Biggs

    I enjoyed seeing her funk posters; It really has both the text and the dancer expressing what the show was about and it had its own personality. The funk poster made me wanna dance just because the typography made the dancer look like he was dancing. I also found it interesting that the citibank logo only took about 20 seconds. It’s crazy that her thought process to merge the two companies logos as the companies were merging. A lot of things play a part when it comes to designing a logo but as Paula Scher said “It’s done in a second in 34 years”.

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