Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan article “The Age of the Anti-Logo: Why Museums Are Shedding Their Identities” talks about how Museum logos no longer have the traditional look that would consist of using the building facade, company name, or even an emblem. A museum is an institution that preserves various collections from around the world, exhibiting both permanent or temporary pieces to the general public. A museum is meant to educate current and future generations but in order to do so they need to constantly change their exhibitions; would designing a logo for a corporation like a museum be simple?No.When it comes to creating a logo for a museum it would  never be a simple task as Campbell-Dollaghan said “developing a museum “brand” is a complicated chore”, in general People have their take on what is art  and if it’s worth being in a museum that alone can be more stressful for the person who has to pick it, right!. Graphic designers have to go through the same thing when designing a logo because a logo is designed to give people an idea of a company’s identity while still being minimalist in shape, size, proportions and even its exterior. Sometimes logos need to be revamped to show adaptation in a company’s interior and exterior, a logo is supposed to conform to society’s expectations while still being adaptable in every context that may arise. Do you think it would be easier to design a museum logo using both traditional and modern styles?.


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