Outline (Podcast) Julian Georgi

-Starts off with casual introduction to the podcast name

-Will try to talk with friends or solo depending on them


What did video games do to you during the pandemic? What did they mean to you?

How would you describe your quarantine process? What did you do besides playing video games?

What did you play and why?

What do video games mean to you?

Would you recommend video games? if not what would you recommend?

Out of all of the games we played what game made you guys tell yourself “wow I wish other people could experience this”? Personally it was our “Da baby” Minecraft world (The world we made named “Da Baby” was a world we made just for art and creating whatever we wanted for me it was making album covers and anime symbols)

Follow ups is key and if they ask anything responding will be key but those are temp questions ( temporary as in will change since its a rough outline)

3 thoughts on “Outline (Podcast) Julian Georgi”

  1. THIS IS LATE HW! TImeliness is so so important. If we had gone over these before your interview podcast time that would have been so much better. Nonetheless, I have …

    A few more ideas for you —

    What specific games did you play during the pandemic the most? WHY? What was inviting about this game? What aspect of the game attracted you? Did the pandemic have anything to do with your attraction to this game?

    Did you game choices change during the pandemic? WHY DO YOU THINK this change happened?

    Why was world-building interesting to you during this time of pandemic?

    What about friendships found and maintained through video gaming during the pandemic?

    What about family bonding found through video gaming? (Remember that mom article you read?) Did relationships with parents, siblings worsen or improve because of gaming during the pandemic?

    Did you play more time during the pandemic/quarantine? How much more? OR LESS?

  2. Have you looked at the HOW-TO- Do a podcast in the poster on Mult-modal project by Prof. Blain? In the Assignment under option to create a podcast.

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