Genre Project Progress Report – Anastasia Ortiz

  • What parts/tasks have you completed?

I gathered some photo and information from a friend to use.

  • What do you still have to do to get it done?

The entire project overall.

  • What obstacles are you encountering?

Figuring out how to open/ Hook.

  • What’s your timeline to meet the deadline?

Monday/Tuesday gather more photos and info from at least one other person or if not use person from internet.

Wednesday write out entire project

Thursday edit and finalize unit 3

  • How do you feel about your project so far?

I think I know where I’m headed, just need to get it done.

  • Where do you think you could seek publication for your finished piece?

Maybe a fashion magazine.

2 thoughts on “Genre Project Progress Report – Anastasia Ortiz”

  1. Look at example photo essays? Would that help. Actually I think your chosen mentor text from HW 3 is a good mentor text for you.

    I am curious to know a few details: What are the categories? How will you organize or structure your photo essay? YOU DID NOT DO THE OUTLINE HW 4!

    Also look at my example of photo essay which I just posted to Genre Project REsources page. It’s just a simple way to do a photo essay within MS Word.

    Make sure that your project comes out of the knowledge you gained in doing the RAB.

    What Qs have you prepared to get info out of your fashionistas? In fact — What will you call your subjects?


    Prof. Wu

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