Project proposal- Mamadu Jalloh

My research question is “How has the CV pandemic impacted and changed the Muslim community around the world?” I want to inform the audience about the struggles and hardships Muslims faced during the corona virus pandemic especially on the month of Ramadan. My target audience are not only Muslim communities but also Non Muslims who can come together and help the less fortunate. The Genre I want to work on is poetry. I think poetry is the best genre to express my topic because I can portray a sense of imagery to display the struggles Muslims felt during the pandemic. With poetry I can implicitly rise attention to the problem with figurative language, metaphors, and imagery. My plan is to create a poem that displays the points in my research paper, afterwards I would develop a visual poem with my original poem. My major concern is I wont be able to mention all of my points from my research project in the poem.

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  1. THIS IS SO LATE (your grade here reflects lateness) — but welcome back Mamadu! Please please stay on track now as we head for the finish of class.

    Please study the Unit 3 Assignment option to create a visual poem and the mentor text. I would look at the Kitty OMeara poem and the visual poem that goes with it. Also there are student examples in the Genre Project Resources page.

    You’ll need some visuals. See the examples.

    Talk to me about your project to check in.

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