Project Proposal – Anastasia Ortiz

Research question: How has the CoronaVirus pandemic motivated people to express themselves freely through their clothing and unique styles?

I want to teach my audience that you don’t need to dress uncomfortably or follow trends anymore. That its okay to express who you are through clothing and still be respected in the workplace or just life in general.

Im targeting people who still struggle with figuring out what their style is. Or even people who are still struggling under the scrutiny of societies eye to fit in

Im considering using the genre photo essay so I can easily show off the change in people’s fashion sense and the reasons behind them.

My plan is to reach out to a couple of friends who I’ve noticed styles have changed since last seeing them in high school pre-pandemic. Ask them questions on what led to those changes and maybe ask if I can use some personal photos.

Im worried that maybe the people I choose to reach out to, don’t want to be included in this project. But if that does happen I could always use the internet to search up other peoples stories that went through a similar change but it won’t be as personal or have the information that I may want.

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  1. Be sure that your write-up (that accompanies your photos) has some aspect of the Pandemic’s influence on why/how these people’s styles have changed.

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