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The topic that interests me is mental health. My research question is “How has the CV pandemic impacted and changed the mental health of teenagers/young adults?” This topic interests me because I have had my own experience with mental health for better or worse throughout this pandemic and can add a lot of my own opinions and examples, and I know it is something a lot of other people have dealt with as well. I already know that it has affected a lot of people because of the lockdown itself, it created a lack of productivity, socialization, and just put a stop to the normal life we were used to. So many people dealing with mental health issues throughout the pandemic is not a surprise because our lives literally changed to the point of nothing being normal anymore. Some points that I plan to explore and find out more about are more specific ways we were affected emotionally, mentally, academically, and if they are going to stick with us permanently even though things are changing again.

Teen Mental Health: A Vulnerable Stage of Life

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  1. Paola:

    Good writing on the Proposal. Good you narrowed down your RQ. NOW–

    You can absolutely read this article to help you with background.

    1. However for the RAB you need a NYT source. GO TO THE SECRET PANEL off to left of Assignemtn Unit TWo and search and get ideas there. I have gathered LOTS on this topic.

    2. THEN you can search in Google as I demo’ed in class. Search with: “NYT and (your RQ)” You should get sources from NYT and then read and select best ones.

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