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My research question is: How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted and changed living costs in NYC? This topic interests me because its been a very big issue within our city and its affected a lot of people including me. Downtown Brooklyn is turning into another city and many small businesses are being forced to shut down due to increasing rent costs. Many people have been forced to leave their home for the same reason. Most people cant afford rent and the cost of living has gone up. I already know that the lowest rent in New York averagely is 1200 to 1500 a month. With minimum wage increasing from 8 to 15 an hour, its only barely enough to pay rent and bills and you wont have enough after to get food. A large percentage of New York receives benefits which becomes an issue because there’s already a low amount of funding going into these programs. Some points that I plan to find out more about are:

  • The actual percentage the rent has increased by since the start of the pandemic?
  • How much homelessness has either increased or decreased by ?
  • How will this effect the future of the city ?
  • Does gentrification play a role in this sudden increase ?

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  1. Late

    OK — but where are your possible sources?

    1. Use NYT sources.

    2. You need to refine your RQ: Living costs for whom? for business owners, for apartment renters?
    Living costs meaning rent? meaning food? And make sure you are researching HOW THE PANDEMIC HAS EFFECTED THIS — YOu cannot just research how living costs haved soared recent years — You must use the PANDEMIC AS A FACTOR in your research.

    L IVING COSTS is too broad and too general. YOu stil have work to do to refine this RQ and to find NYT sources.

    Haileson — I fear that you are falling behind in not coming to class (yesterday was a very important lessons! and you missed it) AND in not really thinking hard and researching hard to get a good focused RQ. Please get to class on time! Turn in HWs ON TIME.

    YOu have ability but you need to follow through! AND it should be you who says, “I fear that — ” and motivating yourself more. NOT ME!

    Best, Prof. Wu

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