RAB Proposal Paragraph-Karem Ali

My research question is how does Joe Rogan spreading misinformation about Covid affect others. This topic interest me because, I ‘am already a fan of Joe Rogan and listen to his podcast. I also heard him speak about Covid but I didn’t take it as the truth or as fact because he’s not qualified to give out information about that. So I would like to research this topic. I already know that Joe Rogan has his own podcast. I also know that a lot of people listen to this podcast. I know that Joe Rogan is also supposedly a reliable source. Some points that I plan to explore and find out more about are what Joe Rogan said that was misinforming. I’m also going to explore why people would believe him. I would also like to find out more about why he spread wrong information.


3 thoughts on “RAB Proposal Paragraph-Karem Ali”

  1. Dear Karem:

    WOW – This is Super interesting to me personally because one of my sons is also a JRogan listener and I don’t know much about this guy. I am curious to find out what you discover on your research project!

    Prof. Wu

  2. Re-word your RQ to include CO VID pandemic.

    How has the pandemic affected the spread of disinformation on the Joe Rogan show?

    THen you can focus directly on the covid disinformation — Look up the words mis/dis information. Make sure you know which work to use.

    Follow the RAB proposal paragraph template.

  3. Other questions to consider:

    How have media companies reacted to Rogan’s dis or misinformation (you must determine which word use) ?

    How has public opinion driven the push back on Rogan?

    In the time of a pandemic, what is the responsibility of podcasters in providing information and broadcasting opinions on medicine and health?

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