RAB proposal paragraph- Maryfer

My research question is: how has the CV pandemic impacted and changed the high school class of 2020’s mental and emotional health? This topic interests me because the CV pandemic impacted my life tremendously and was one of the toughest parts of my life where I struggled the most mentally and emotionally. I went through a rough patch my freshman year of college, a path which I’m still trying to recover from. Mental and emotional health is an essential key to a balanced happy life. Without it, we can’t possibly be sane or attain the ability to move forward with our goals. I haven’t done much research on this topic but from personal experience plus additional experiences from my colleagues from class of 2020, I already know that the CV pandemic took a toll on everyone’s mental and emotional health and had us all questioning our purpose on this earth. I also know that the percentage of incoming freshman college students from high school class 2020 during the fall of 2020-2021 was significantly lower than previous years due to a majority of students choosing to take a “gap year” until the CV subsided. Lastly, I know that many students underwent other issues individually that may have affected their educational experience that year, for example the loss of a close relative or perhaps even losing themselves. I’d like to further explore the specific factors that caused the emotional imbalance that each student dealt with. Which specific changes were the cause of a student dropping out. Lastly I’d like to search up if enough was done for these students to get through what they all went through. What resources were given to them? Was there immediate aid or were they misled by all the different regulations and constant change of information given by the news and the DOE. 




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