Reading Response Obama-Alexander David

Chp 4 page 82 P1,”We were in goddamn Hawaii. We said what we pleased. ate where we pleased; we sat at the front of the proverbial bus. None of our white friends, guys like Jeff or Scott from the basketball team, treated us any differently then they treated each other”. This scene show the reader what it was like in Hawaii for Obama and his friends. Just relaxing and taking things easy and having non black friends treat him with the same respect he treats them. Here it shows how Obama had a simple life with no big goals or agendas to achieve just him taking what life has to offer.

In P1 same page he says, “None of our white friends, guys like Jeff or Scott from the basketball team, treat us any differently then they treat each other”. this quote implies there is a bit off racism and prejudice towards the black community on the island of Hawaii. While acknowledging this fact that doesn’t effect how the white boys on his team see/ treat him. They see him as one off the boys, the homie if you will. He has a good relationship with them, they do play on the same team so it would only make scenes they get along.

In that quote Obama is a normal teenager living a normal life in Hawaii. He just taking it in where he lives who he’s surrounded by. He explain his day to day life in Hawaii. What he experiences to do what he like. He sit where every they want and they eat where ever they want. He isn’t held down, or really oppressed by anything. He has made loyal friend on the basketball team.

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