Reading Response Obama-Karem Ali

In this paragraph Obama talks about Malcolm’s book and how it offered something different. He talks about how one line from Malcolm stayed with him too. Obama also talks about Malcolm’s wish and how he shared the same wish. Obama also spoke about the religion of Islam and how Malcolm was tied to it. He also talks about his friend Malik who also follows Islam. But Malik stopped going to the mosque or political meetings since Malcolm had died.

“The white blood that ran through him, there by an act of violence, might somehow be expunged.” This is a quotation from a book by Malcolm X. This quote is saying that Malcolm wants to remove the white blood in him even if it means going through pain. Malcolm saying this shows that he despises it and he wants the blood gone at any cost. This quote is also significant because it stuck with Obama and made him think about his own white blood.

Obama learns about self respecting his own white blood because, of Malcolm’s comments about it in his book. Obama also learned about the world that some whites were also part of Islam like Malcolm and that offered him some hope of reconciliation. Obama learned to not let people get the best of him. He also learned to counsel himself. He also learned that other people don’t care like he does.

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  1. Karem:
    Your answer is not written clearly.
    You need to copy more of that quote to understand the full intent. What is significant is that Obama does not want expunge his white blood; he does not hate his white blood becuase unlike MX, Obama ‘s mixed blood is not a result of slavery and rape of black enslaved women. Obama’s parents were married and had chosen each other. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE.
    You need to read more carefully.

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