Writing Task Mentor Quote- Anastasia Ortiz

“You need to work hard now so you can rest later. If you continue being a potato now with a free roof over your head, I don’t know who’s gonna take care of you later.”

These were the words said to me by my big brother AKA my mother and father all in one. He said this to me my junior year of high school, during my low point of the pandemics self quarantine. During this time I barely left my bed and my grades were only getting worse, not that they were any better before. But it was getting to the point were I was actually debating with myself on if I wanted to drop out or not. This led to him giving me an ultimatum, either I push myself in school or give up and get a hard labour job. Even though he would say that his favorite line to say after was “I don’t think you want to be flipping burgers in Mc Donalds, do you?”

Despite his words being a little mean it did really motivate me to start doing better. Since I was only in high school at the time and didn’t have any useful talents, my only real option was to start picking up my grades. But it was really the last part of the quote that really got to me. The part where he said “I don’t know who’s gonna take care of you later.” And in the end this is very true. He won’t be able to take care of me forever especially when he has his own family and other responsibilities to take care of. This meant I needed to start stepping it up for myself, by doing better in the classes that would eventually help me learn necessary skills for any future careers or just life in general. I would say that as of now my grades have definitely improved, but getting a job is something I still need to work on.

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  1. Very good. Good details!

    Clarification: Do you mean couch potato for potato?

    IF you were to develop this further, conider developing the background story of how you were performing in school. You say you were at a low point and the pandemic was part of the cause. Describe how badly you were doing in school and how the pandemic was effecting your low morale or attitude of hopelessness — I am just guessing here, but you get the picture. I woud wnat to know how bad off you were at this low point in your life.

    And then a description of the change in you, maybe a particular scene that shows your changing habits, or an important moment or scene when you realzied soemthing important related to the new changed person you want to be.

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