RAB Source Entry #2 – Yue

My Research question is what is boosting children of immigrant to achieve success in America? This topic interests me because I am immigrants myself and I see that immigrant’s child from low-income family are achieving success like our current president Biden. I already know that specialize high school like Brooklyn Tech, are filled with immigrant children. Most of the high paying jobs are usually taken by children of immigrants. Immigrant children tend to grow up and learn faster to support their family. Some point that I plan to explore and find out more about are living poor conditions what motives the children of immigrants to work harder. How are the children of immigrant achieving upward mobility? Does the geographical location have a huge role in why the children immigrants are achieving success? 

Source Entry #2 

Part 1: MLA Citation 

“The Immigrant Paradox: Why Are Children of Immigrants Doing Better?” Institute for Family 

Studies, https://ifstudies.org/blog/the-immigrant-paradox-why-are-children-of-immigrants doing-better 

Part 2: Summary 

The article, “Why Are Children of Immigrants Doing Better?” by Leonard Sax is about why child of immigrants are dominate activities in school. Sax points out that in a Science Talent Search competition for high school, 33 out of 40 finalists were children of immigrants. Behind the success of these children of immigrants lies the influence of parenting, and cultures of disrespect. Sax goes on to compare the parenting style, where the American households ranges from being too soft to overly strict, and how these parenting style could impact the child academic and social outcomes. Permissive parenting leads to a culture of disrespect due to the lack of boundaries and guidance. As a result, many American children are being outperformed by children of immigrants in multiple dimensions, including school performance, incomes and upward mobility. With this Sax suggests that many of American parents to find a balance between overly permissive and excessively strict. This balance approach could help close the gap between the children of immigrants and the American born. 

Part 3: Rhetorical Analysis 

The genre of the article is an opinion piece. The primary audience for this article is parents. The tone is constructive and supportive with the goal of changing the parenting practices in American. Leonard Sax establishes his credibility through his extensive professional background and expertise as a medical doctor in psychology, employing ethos to gain the trust of the readers. Sax further engages the reader by appealing pathos, going into emotional concerns parents have for their children’s future. He discusses the achievement and success the children of immigrants while telling Americans parents to reflect on their parenting styles. Sax stated that permissive parenting causing many American kids to be disrespect due to unclear rules and guidance. By presenting examples such as children of immigrants dominating in prestigious academic competition. Sax backs his argument with logos by presenting statistical evidence, in the competition 33 out of 40 that reached the final in a Science Talent Search competition were children of immigrants. The purpose of this article is to inform American parents that child of immigrants is achieving is due to the correct parenting. The article discusses how the right balance between soft and strict parenting can help a child perform well in school. Overall, Sax strategic use of rhetorical technique effectively persuades the American parent to reconsider their approach of parenting, urging them to find a balance to help their child achieve success. 
Part 4: Notable Quotable 
“For example: The Disney Channel, as well as some of the most popular videos on YouTube, along with some of most of the popular songs, make it appear funny and entertaining for young people to be disrespectful not only to their parents, but to one another.” – (Leonard Sax, paragraph 8) 
“Unfortunately, American parents are now much more likely than immigrant parents to be permissive, or Too Soft.” – (Leonard Sax, paragraph 9) 
“American culture is becoming what Robery Bly called sibling society: a society in which young people look to other young people, rather than to their edlers, for direction and guidance.” – (Leonard Sax, paragraph 15)

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