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I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had a supportive mother my entire life. As I reflect on the academic challenges I’ve faced over the years, it was always my mother who motivated me to persevere. I deeply appreciate everything my mom does for me. From the motivational conversations to the little snacks she prepares for me when I’m studying, she’s always there to pick me up.

From a young age, my mother instilled independence in me and my sisters. She would constantly remind us to study and work hard so that we would never have to depend on anyone. Part of me knows she was just doing what any mother would do, which is encourage their kids to do well in school. But another part of me knows she’s speaking from experience and regret. My mother was an architect in Ecuador but when she came to the US and had kids, she and my father decided it would be best for her to stay home and he would provide. When things became complicated within our household and their marriage, my mom found it extremely difficult to leave due to her lack of a solid foundation. It’s not one specific moment that my mom saved me, but rather all the small things she does and says that have guided me through my educational journey. It’s also the feeling I get from making her proud that motivates me to keep going. I remember when I was younger I would show her the houses I would build on Minecraft or the Sims and she would always be so amazed. That feeling for me was priceless and it manifested into my career path now. When I’m making floor plans or 3D models of houses on AUTOCAD or Revit, I always show my mom when I’m done and I love seeing the look on her face when she looks over it. My mom has saved me countless times and she continues to do so and I’m so lucky to have her.

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  1. I love this as I can definitely relate to my mother being there for me. This is a great start and I can’t wait to continue reading. I’d say as you continue, be sure to continue adding descriptive words. For example, when you spoke about the amazement in her face when you would build the houses, you could describe the look of amazement a little more. “She would always be so amazed…The smile on her face would make me feel….” You’re definitely on the right track, keep up the good work!

  2. Cristina:

    Ok I see here that you owe a lot to your mom. She must be a very special person.

    NOW – can you notice that you are only TELLING me a bunch of stuff. Instead you need to SHOW me with CSD concrete specific details and with scenes and dialogue. What is your story? Where are the events that show me your mom saving you?

    You say your mom has “saved you countless times” – Can you SHOW me a scene of a time your mom was your savior? 

    THINK about the scenes we are reading in our class texts. Find the scenes in your memory that could tell a story of your mom saving you inyour educational journey.

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