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“Zahir focus on one thing at a time things will come to piece” My Mom

When I finished high school that’s when life had hit me. I thought about a lot was, What is my purpose on this earth? Am I going to be something in life? Am I going to succeed in what I want to do in life? What are going to be my responsibility in becoming a man? What are qualities of a man? I want to try to learn how to do things on my own but some things you can’t do alone. I would have anxiety a lot because of those questions it would make me think a lot, cry, stress, not do anything, and even thinking that I’ll will be alone.

Since my mom had told me that quote I will always play her voice over and over in my head and tell myself she right things will come into pieces all I have to do is be patient. Lately I started school and I think I’m doing pretty well in school, being constant, not slacking on no work. I started football late because I had bad coaches during high school in Kennedy. I didn’t like how they was coaching and not being fair. The team I’m in now they support me and encourage me to do things i’ve never done before but they say “practice makes perfect” so I makes me do it. I love them already I can technically call them my brothers from another mother. Recently I just got my learning permit working on getting my driving license before my birthday in May. Right now I’m just doing me and being patient like I told myself. Like my mom said “Zahir focus on one thing at a time things will come to pieces.”

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  1. Zahir: 

    I like your thoughtfulness here, but can you notice that you are only TELLING me a bunch of stuff that is unrelated and doesn’t hold together. What is the story here? I am not sure I see a story here.

    “Zahir focus on one thing at a time things will come to piece” My Mom

    I see that you start with a lot of questions at the top of your piece. And these are big questions; they are not easy to solve. SO is this a story about how you feel anxiety about all these questions and how you hear your mom’s words echo in your brain? WHAT are the things you are trying to do all at once? Are these a school things? Remember this is a story about your education!

    Does football save you? I like that you call them brothers from another mother! So if these teammates are supportive and the team helps you stay in school – Is this a story here? Can you show me how Football has saved you – gives your life meaning? Gives your friendships? 

    Remember how Colin Powell showed us a story about how the ROTC saved him when he was an average student at City College.  Did football save you?

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