Mentor Text Analysis-Ana

Just from reading the title “I make video games. I won’t let my daughter play them” the author was able to catch the attention of the audience by making them question why a game creator who puts games out there to hook the kids of others to it, wouldn’t let their own kids play those same games. By using research such as reports/studies that researchers have made and even numbers from his own sales, the author was able to prove to the audience how much power these online games have on kids. He also let the audience in on his own experience when he stated ” I am very familiar with game addiction, as that’s what I thought about every day for more than a decade”. In this five minute read the author was able to present studies on why gaming is addicting, include his experience as a game creator himself, make a connection with the audience by talking about his own experience with gaming and at last give the audience a few ways that they can address the issue.

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