Possible Genres — Lisa

RQ:  How has the corona virus exacerbated anti-Asian sentiment?

Letter, op-ed, TEDtalk, interview in podcast or video.

I am thinking about writing a letter.  I would present this as an open-letter written in the college newspaper in order to reach the wide audience of all CIty Tech students.  We are a diverse college community and everyone needs to know about how Asian students here feel threatened right now and what we as a college community can do about this problem.  Another option would be the op-ed because I think that is similar to the letter.  I think I could write an op-ed because I read a lot of op-eds and I am familiar with this genre.  Another option would be a TEDtalk.  I would speak in a more casual way and be able to communicate directly to my classmates.  They are all people I know so this would feel like I am talking to a group of friends.  I am up for the challenge of talking in front of people and I think I can connect well with a real live audience.  A third choice that could work is doing a podcast or a video using interviews with Asian people.  I might choose a few people I know: my Aunt who is in her 70’s because she could speak from her personal perspective about the real dangers our elders face right now on the streets, on the subways.  I am still thinking about who else I could get to interview but I am thinking to get people that represent diverse age groups.   An idea might be to make it a zoom interview so that I could include relatives in California.  Now, I can see that there are a lot of possibilities and I feel excited!

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