RAB Source Entry 1 – Ludovic

Source Entry #1

Part 1 MLA Citation 

Chase Peterson – Withorn. “How Much Money America’s Billionaires Have Made During The Covid-19 Pandemic.” Forbes 30 April 2021. https://www.forbes.com/sites/chasewithorn/2021/04/30/american-billionaires-have-gotten-12-trillion-richer-during-the-pandemic/?sh=659bcbfcf557

Part 2 Summary 

The passage, “How Much Money America’s Billionaires Have Made During The Covid-19 Pandemic” by Chase Peterson – Withorn discusses how the pandemic has made US billionaires about 1.2 trillion richer while the average Americans lost their jobs. In one case, the author covers how Amazon’s stock increased during the Covid-19 lockdown in one instance. As Americans were quarantined, they primarily purchased goods online, which increased Amazon’s sales and Jeff Bezos’s wealth as the company’s CEO at the time. Despite more than a year of lockdowns and higher unemployment, the stock market rose during the pandemic. Billionaires who have a large portion of their wealth invested in individual companies or portfolios of investments like private equity and hedge funds that average Americans do not have significantly increased their investments. Peterson – Withorn also pointed out when the pandemic began, wealthy people of all income levels became wealthy. Numerous well-known figures such as Kim Kardashian, Tyler Perry, have become billionaires, including those who invented cryptocurrencies and financed pharmaceutical companies. 

Part 3A: Reflection 

I genuinely believed that the wealthy increased their net worth during the pandemic. As I saw the stock market soared to the roof on my robinhood account I was also convinced. But I have a few questions about his information. He addresses the billionaire financial spike based on the mass internet consumers during the pandemic, leading to Amazon, Tesla, and SpaceX stocks to increase in value. I would ask Peterson Withorn how tech companies revenue increased while millions of Americans were unemployed during the pandemic. 

Part 4 Rhetorical Analysis 

Chase Peterson – Withorn covers the most successful entrepreneurs doing the biggest deals on the planet. As deputy wealth editor, his credibility helped put together the Forbes 400 and World’s Billionaires lists and oversee Forbes’ coverage of billionaires. The article is credible since  it was published in Forbes magazine. The author’s writing style is factual, with reliable analysis of market growth during the pandemic. His intended audience is American citizens and economic analyzers. The genre of the article is effective, it gives a clear understanding of how each billionaire such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bdezos and new billionaires, Kim Kardashian and Tyler Perry increased their wealth. 

Part 5 Notable Quotes 

“U.S. billionaires have gotten about $1.2 trillion richer during the pandemic.” (Chase 1). 

“Billionaires aren’t just richer since the pandemic began, there are also more of them. A record 493 new faces joined Forbes’ World’s Billionaires list this year—roughly one new billionaire every 17 hours between March 2020 and March 2021.” (Chase 2). 

“The S&P 500 climbed by 0.68% on Thursday, following the speech. American billionaire wealth, meanwhile, rose by nearly 5%—making the country’s billionaires a collective $200 billion richer in a single day.” (Chase 3).

4 thoughts on “ RAB Source Entry 1 – Ludovic”

  1. You could add more to the rhetorical analysis. Did the author used any ethos, pathos or logos? What is the genre of this passage? What was the purpose of this passage?

    In your reflection, did the article help you learn any new information about these billionaires?

  2. The summary had good details that made me(the reader) wanna learn more and read more of the source you used. However the genre wasn’t clear to me in the rhetorical analysis.

  3. Summary – Good, but give a few more of the numbers. Masters gives some astonishing facts on amount of wealth growth of some billionnaires. Can you add one or two more of these crazy rich facts that include crazy numbers? There was something about wealthy people getting tens of billions of dollars richer. Elon Musk got 540% richer.  OR there is ONE new billionaire every 17 hours during a certain time frame.  These are just a few of the astonishing numbers I saw in the article. And what about President Biden’s proposed tax on the ultrawealthy; that was given at the end of the article. 


    Can you make this part more interesting? You can make an interesting comment on any of the MI’s or SD (supporting details in the article). For example, this article was written in 2021. It mentions Sam Bankman Fried head of FTX (whatever). Today this guy is on trial and suspected of stealing and cheating millions of dollars. Maybe more of these newly minted billionaires also are crooks. 

    Please review how to write the Rhetorical Analysis and look at examples.

    ·     Give credibility facts on Forbes Magazine.

    ·     What is the GENRE? You don’t tell me. AND — You cannot say the genre is effective. You could say: Masters choice of ____ as the genre is effective because _____.

    ·     What rhetorical appeal does Masters use –ethos, pathos, or logos and WHY?

    ·     This sentence does not belong in Rhet Analysis: it gives a clear understanding of how each billionaire such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bdezos and new billionaires, Kim Kardashian and Tyler Perry increased their wealth. 




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