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My research question is how did some Americans win the million dollar jackpot during the Covid pandemic right under your nose? This topic interested me because during the pandemic I had spent most of my time on Tiktok, a video-sharing social media platform where you can create, edit, share, discover and watch short, vertical videos—from just a few seconds long. I can recall how my Tiktok went from funny memes to young teens and adults showing off their lavish lifestyle with fast cars that are expensive, beautiful women that look expensive, and big yachts. Expensive, not even the right word for these yachts. In their brief edits, they recounted how a few months before the epidemic, they were like “average Americans,” working part-time or 9-5 jobs and earning between $40k and $80k a year. Now, they are generating six figures “via stocks, real estate, taxes, ecommerce, copywriting, and so on” without putting in as many hours or effort in the middle of a pandemic. I know that it has been so horrible for Americans not to be able to work and generate gross revenue for the previous three years, that it is difficult not to question why the stock market has been so fantastic throughout the epidemic. Furthermore, Joseph Biden’s unemployment plan to assist Citizens because the COVID-19 outbreak has thrown the US economy into a recession. Despite this, Lamborghini and Bently’s earnings skyrocketed during the plague. I intend to learn more about how stocks soared over the last three years, as well as how some ordinary Americans benefited from the covid outbreak. Likewise, how the wealthiest gained richer while the poor went poorer throughout the epidemic.

Chase Peterson – Withorn. “How Much Money America’s Billionaires Have Made During The Covid-19 Pandemic.” Forbes 30 April 2021. https://www.forbes.com/sites/chasewithorn/2021/04/30/american-billionaires-have-gotten-12-trillion-richer-during-the-pandemic/?sh=659bcbfcf557


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  1. Hello Ludovic, I also find this question very interesting. From the stock markets almost vertical movement up since the March 2020 crash to the Federal Reserves part in it. Maybe you could look into some of the insider trading Nancy Pelosi and her husband have done over the past couple years, as well as the insider trading done by the FED members! Also I hope you look into maybe how TikTok influenced some of the retail action that happened in the stock market during the pandemic.

  2. This is an interesting research question that examines how some Americans were able to become millionaires during the COVID-19 pandemic through various means such as stocks, real estate, and ecommerce. The proposal also raises important questions about the widening wealth gap during the pandemic and how it has affected different socioeconomic groups. The Forbes article cited provides further evidence of the immense wealth gained by billionaires during the pandemic, adding to the relevance and timeliness of this research topic.

  3. I found a possible op-ed from NYT for you!


    Another NYT op-ed: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/04/opinion/income-wealth-inequality-pandemic.html

    And another Op-Ed. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/23/opinion/sunday/coronavirus-economic-response.html

    Wow seems that a lot of people have strong opinions on this topic and wrote op-eds! So you have a good topic with lots of articles to choose from!

    YOu missed our library class today! It was an important class. Pls get info from a classmate on what we covered and READ ANNOUNCEMENTS.

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