Saved – Ludovic

To my mentors, the Tate brothers who deserve the highest testimonial.

I attended my first college, The New York City College of Technology, and startedĀ in 2022 with the pursuit in Architectural Engineering. My major was like an arranged marriage in that I was managed, brainwashed, and convinced at an early age. I can’t blame myself because they wheedledĀ me into my college’s suffering. The major was not something I truly desired; I felt it was imposed on me by my family, which led me to lose educationalĀ confidence and social confidence in other classes. I transferred to a new degree and studying Business & Marketing subconsciously, realizing my own potential and capacity to take charge of my own future.

My nutrition for my ambition is learning the skills of business and marketing. That set me on a direct road to the goal of my educational journey and my life purpose. It gives me excitement to master skills that are related to my interests, such as selling, communicating, and overcoming my anxiety of speaking in front of powerful people. Also, I learnt appropriate social principles and ethics. I feel that modern culture is losing sight of these qualities. I want to learn about business and manage enterprises. That made me feel better and more confident to face other challenges, such as my other classes, in which I had lost confidence in. I overcame my concerns and gained confidence in my educational career. That also makes me wonder I was never a fan of reading or writing but I continue to find enjoyment in these subjects now I believe because of my new major.

I want to thank Tristian Tate and his brother, Andrew Tate, for pushing me to accomplish what I want to do with my life and growing confidence when faced with hardships, as well as my friends and family who supported me in every decision I made. Transferring my degree was one of the finest decisions I’ve ever made in my life, and I want this to be an important piece of advice that if you really want to be loved and respected from people is by doing what you know it’s right for you. 

2 thoughts on “Saved – Ludovic”

  1. It’s impressive to see someone take control of their future and pursue what they’re really interested in, even if others try to persuade them to follow a different path. The writer is thankful for the Tate brothers’ support and reminds us of the importance of making choices that feel right for ourselves

  2. Ludovic: You write well. I can see that. BUT you are not answering the prompt!  YOu don’t really have a story here. Go back and read the HW 6 Saved assignment in Announcements! Notice that you are just telling me.  Instead you need to SHOW me with CSD and some well-chosen scenes from your memory. 

    Who are the Tate brothers? How did they save you? What activity did the Tate brothers sponsor that you were a part of? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS! 

    I wonder if your absence these last few days [twice absent recently!] is the reason you donā€™t understand what we are doing now in these HW writing tasks.

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